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Camp for Climate Action 2010 Photos

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Photos of Huntington Lane

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System Change Not Climate Change

Unlimited growth is unsustainable. Capitalism is the root cause of climate change

Democracy is when everyone has a say and everyone’s voice is heard. It isn’t democracy when communities are forced to have open-cast coal mines they don’t want.

Photos from the camp

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Fossil Fools Weekend round-up

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As part of Fossil Fools Day West Midlands Climate Action decided to support the Huntington Lane Camp against one of the UK’s biggest Fossil Fools; UK Coal, who want to mine 900,000 tonnes of coal at Huntington Lane over a three-year period. The main idea of the Fossil Fools weekend gathering was to get as many people as possible down to the camp over the four days to help with the ongoing construction of the camp. The 230-acre site near the foot of The Wrekin encompasses part of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is also home to the protected scheduled New Works Ancient Monument. The Camp was set up three weeks ago in response to UK Coal felling trees which were part of ancient woodland so they can build a haul road to link the two parts of the site together.

Huntington Lane camp

Huntington Lane Camp
A day before Fossil Fools Days saw the camp attacked during the night by three loud bangs, which it is thought came from someone either throwing fireworks or an air bomb into the camp. The camp which included young children were terrified after being woken up during the dead of night. One camper said

“It was terrifying, really terrifying. It was in the dead of night, deathly quiet, and then all of a sudden we heard these three thunderous bangs quickly one after the other.”

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