Over a million people marched against a war in Iraq yet the Government didn’t listen. Many people dubbed COP15 as the most important climate talks in history, I’m sure they were disappointed with the outcome.  We can’t rely on world Governments to sort our problems out for us. They are either unable to do so or so in bed with big business that they are unwilling to do so. At best they will impose false market based solutions that make the problems worse.

It’s therefore down to us to take action. Non-Violent Direct Action is a way of tackling the problem at its root. It’s about empowering people to take control of their own lives. We must demonstrate that an alternative world is possible.

This page is a collection of resources and guides that will hopefully inspire, educate and empower. Don’t wait for the government to sort stuff out and don’t wait for us to do something, grab some trusted friends and go out and do it your-self.

What’s wrong with coal? »

Defend Huntington Lane Flyer

Direct Action guides

Network for Climate Action »

Root Force »

The Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action » (PDF)

Ozymandias Sabotage Handbook » A “How-To” guide to monkey wrenching.

Digger Diving for Beginners (or how to stop work on an opencast coal mine) 1 »

Digger Diving for Beginners (or how to stop work on an opencast coal mine) 2 »


Activists Legal Project »

FreeB.E.A.G.L.E.S »

SHAC » Useful summary of laws used against activists.

Bust Card » (PDF)

Your Rights »

Bindmans LLP » Law firm used by Climate Camp


Security advice handbook »


Camp for Climate Action Press Pack 2010 »

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