Eviction Imminent!

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It seems likely that the Huntington Lane camp will face eviction within the next two weeks. UK Coal are to be issued an Environmental License at the end of August so that mining can begin on the site.  Farmers have been asked to move livestock and some jobs have been advertised by local firm McPhilips.

The camp is calling out for help: people, tools, lock on gear of all kinds (padlocks,D-locks etc), water and food.

More information about the camp including a map and directions can be found on our Huntington Lane page


Photos of Huntington Lane

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UK Coal set to “dry mine” Huntington Lane

16/08/2010 3 comments

As part of the original agreement UK Coal were supposed to wash the coal to dampen it which prevents too much dust from being produced. Severn Trent the local water supplier are now saying that the local pipeline won’t provide enough pressure for UK Coal to use as well as local residents. They will therefore have to pay for a new pipeline, however as we reported earlier UK Coal are massively in debt and cannot afford extra expenses like this. They decided instead that they will “dry mine” Huntington Lane, going against the original terms of the agreement. Dry mining will cause a lot more dust to be created and could have a negative impact on the health of local residents. It also raises concerns over other promises UK Coal have made such as restoring the mine after they have finished.

Two weeks till Camp for Climate Action takes on RBS

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It’s now just two weeks before the Camp for Climate Action hits Edinburgh for a week long frenzy of action against RBS and the banking system. The Royal Bank of Scotland has its fingers in as many disgusting pies as you’d expect from an organisation that used to style itself as the ‘oil and gas bank’ (until it realised that wasn’t doing much for it in terms of good publicity) – it funds companies involved in oil exploration in the Arctic circle, the militarily traumatised border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and the Alberta tar sands; it funds coal mining in Yorkshire and south Wales, mountain top removal in the US, and aluminum mining in India, as well as helping E.On in their attempts to get the Kingsnorth coal power plant up and running; it even gives money to BAE Systems. And we own it. Eighty-four per cent of it, anyway.

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Video of “No New Coal” Raft

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Final part of the Rafts journey as it sails under the Iorn Bridge

Protest raft sails down River Severn

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Yesterday Sunday 31st residents from the Defend Huntington Lane Camp took their message onto the river Severn and sailed it downstream. The six person raft complete with a big “No New Coal” banner and UK Coal digger figurehead sailed down the River Severn and past EON’s Buildwas B coal fired power station which is where the coal from Huntington Lane will eventually end up. It then sailed further downstream and under the famous Iron Bridge where it was meet with cheers from a crowd of locals and tourists who had gathered on the bridge.

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A few dates for the Diary

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  • 4th – 9th August. Derbyshire. Earth First! Summer Gathering: Ecological Direct Action without Compromise. 5 days of workshops, skill sharing and planning action, plus low-impact living without leaders. Meet people, learn skills, take action.


  • 13th to 17th August 2010 Climate Camp Cymru . A basic ‘lite’ action-focused camp in South Wales; with its attention fixed firmly on coal. Workshops will be mostly limited to action-based training and information


  • 19-24th August- Camp For Climate Action 2010. Edinburgh. – Occupy and set up the basecamp: 19th–20th August. Four days of training & direct action: 21st–24th August. Day of action against RBS: 23rd August. Return basecamp to nature: 25th August. Target: RBS. Last year RBS were bailed out with £50 billion of public money. This bank is one of the world’s largest investor in oil, gas and coal. From tar sands extraction in Canada to coal infrastructure here in the UK, we’re paying to trash our future. Ecological destruction is built into the mechanics of the financial system, with communities disenfranchised from their own futures. This is why, in August, people from across the UK will be converging to take back the power and Break the Bank!


In between all these climate camps and gatherings why not pay a visit to the Huntington Lane Open Cast protest camp based in Telford Shropshire. We’ve been stopping work from starting for five months now.