We are a loose affiliation of people living in the West-Midlands region from many different backgrounds, united in recognising the need for major social change to effectively respond to the climate crisis.

The first WM neighbourhood formed in Birmingham in 2007 but drew in many from outside the city – Malvern, Worcester, Telford, Stoke, Leamington Spa, West Wales – helping to create new climate action networks across the area.

We had a neighborhood at the Heathrow and Kingsnorth Climate Camps in 2007 and 2008 and last year activists from the West Midlands participated in Climate Camp in the City and the London Climate Camp in Blackheath, although for various reasons we were unable to put together a full neighborhood for the Blackheath camp.

After Blackheath we decided to seize the initiative and rejuvenate the West Midlands group by doing our own actions and events. There just happended to be plans afoot to start work on a new open-cast coal mine near the Wrekin in Telford, and after teaming up with other local groups and activists we managed to set up a camp on site.

During the year meetings are held with all or parts of the neighbourhood. They can be called by anyone at any time, but normally occur in the week before the monthly national gatherings. Open meetings are announced on the mailing list.

As with other groups there is no central leadership and decisions at meetings are made consensually.

NEIGHBOURHOOD CONTACT: wmclimatecamp[at]riseup.net or sign up to the e-list wmclimatecamp[at]lists.riseup.net

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