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Huntington Lane Site A “Eviction”

At around 8:30am Wednesday 13th the National Eviction Team with police backup arrived on Site A to find the tree houses unoccupied. Site A is where work on the mine will start. The tree houses have now been removed and branches lopped off the trees so they can’t go back up.

The main Huntington Lane camp is located between Site A and Site B on what will become a link road between the two sites. Although there were tree houses on Site A it was never really seriously defended hence the Eviction team finding them empty. It has however proved to be an  effective early warning system as the main camp is now on full alert as it prepares for eviction. For anyone waiting for the eviction call out, this is it. As many people as possible are needed to help defend the site.

Protesters have been threatened with arrest should they trespass upon Site A.  An eviction notice is yet to be served but this chain of events would appear to suggest its imminent arrival. Heavy machinery is now on site and breaking ground. We would encourage any concerned individuals to pay a visit to camp whether it be to stay on, help out with defenses, leave a donation or lend their moral support.

Please call 07503 583419 for info or to get involved.



The best way to keep up to date with latest news is by checking the Huntington lane blog


  1. magistersampson
    16/10/2010 at 8:43 am

    After just 36 hours of intense activity, the South site of Huntington lane is already a carnage and blot on the landscape of this are of outstanding beauty.
    UK Coal supply lories block local roads while drivers stand scratching their arses, sneeering atlocal people going about their lawful business, while the local Police can seemingly only muster manpowwer to “protect the Bailifs” on any eviction detail.
    The weak spot to this mine is the entry road – Dog in the lane, its neither owned, nor controlled by Uk Coal, and is the only way in, and out of the site.
    Passive resistance by blocking this road would disrupt infrastructure work thats desperately needed to be done before winter proper sets in.
    Those at the protest camp cannot be at 2 places simultaneously,to defend the camptakes manpower – to blok and deny access more people.
    If you can join the growing ranks to try to stop this latest Uk Coal hideous plan fromgoing smoothly, the time is NOW!
    By merely being able to walk slowly around/across the road, would enable a slowdown of activity, which begins at 7 am to 7pm dily,and from 7am til 1pm on saturdays.
    Delay to the infrastructure means delay to the camp eviction, this is a rallying call to all who opose opencast mining, carbon release, or just UK Coal – come soon, YOu are really neeed here, YOUR presence may just make the difference.
    Thank you.

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