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UK Coal set to “dry mine” Huntington Lane

As part of the original agreement UK Coal were supposed to wash the coal to dampen it which prevents too much dust from being produced. Severn Trent the local water supplier are now saying that the local pipeline won’t provide enough pressure for UK Coal to use as well as local residents. They will therefore have to pay for a new pipeline, however as we reported earlier UK Coal are massively in debt and cannot afford extra expenses like this. They decided instead that they will “dry mine” Huntington Lane, going against the original terms of the agreement. Dry mining will cause a lot more dust to be created and could have a negative impact on the health of local residents. It also raises concerns over other promises UK Coal have made such as restoring the mine after they have finished.

  1. 17/08/2010 at 9:35 am

    I’ve just had this letter about UK Coal published in the Burton Mail concerning the Minorca Opencast Mine Application;

    “Coal firms like to move the goalposts

    REGARDING UK Coal’s comments in your story (UK Coal accuses campaigners of ‘scaremongering’, Burton Mail, August 12).
    The issue that really annoys people is whether they end up with what was promised when planning permission to work any of UK Coal’s opencast sites was first granted, not gaining some award for how well a bit of restoration has been done.
    This may be commendable in its own right, but it is this tendency UK Coal has of moving the goalposts once the opencasting has got under way or, for one reason or another, usually to do with gaining more value from the property development that follows site restoration, asking for a change in the planning conditions attached to the site.
    This is where the local people affected have a sense of betrayal, since the net result is they end up with less than they were led to expect as a community benefit or that they have to put up with more inconvenience.
    I’d be happy to sit down with other people and review the history of numerous sites which have been so affected or are being affected such as Nadin’s/Tetron Point in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, Stobswood in Northumberland, Lodge House in Derbyshire and Cutacre in Bolton for starters.
    In the latter case, people only have to read the following two news stories published last week about the Cutacre site to understand what I mean — ‘Mining could carry on at Cutacre for nine months’, Bolton News, August 10, and ‘Plans to extract more coal at Cutacre’, Leigh Journal.
    You can see why people get suspicious and angry when the image presented by this company at its public exhibitions, used to try to convince people that a new opencast mine will only be a minor passing inconvenience, turns out be nothing of the kind.

    Steve Leary Minorca Opencast Protest Group By email”

    Now they want to move the goalposts before they even kick the ball!!!! What a
    a mockery of the planning system – please feel free to use this comment as you see fit.

  2. silverbird
    19/08/2010 at 7:04 pm

    Thank heavens for Steve Learys tenacity at ferreting out facts about the state of play with Uk Coal.
    Those facing Huntington Lane in Telford, and are represented by some locals on the “Liason” commitee (L ets I mpress A S ection O f N imbys ), seem not to have even raised the question of “Damping down” with Uk Coal reps at meetings – despite being told only a wheekl wash will be used due to lack of water.
    Where do they think the water is comng from to damp down?
    From surface collect – and VOID water fills as they cut.
    The VOID water is polluted – the HIA in Telfords Inquiry contains concerns from the Environmental Agency, and if used and untreated,could increase the dust produced from not just harmful PM2.5 and below, to polluted PM2,5 and below.
    Evidence of Dust affecting peoples health was given at length at the Inquiry at Telford , by local Campaigners “Friends Of The Ercall” – who had the ONLY other Rule 6 classification which allowed them to cross examine UK Coal directly.
    The “Expert witness”, Dr D Van Steenis, supplied facts and references to the Inspector – and was ignored up to Secretary of State John Denham – who sold the people of Telford down the River.
    When people start getting ill around this mine it will be too late to prevent the effects,perhaps then the “Liason Committee” will get behind those who realise the only way to affect UK Coals workings, are to use direct action and occupy their sites, but no, local Parish Council at Little Wenlock, would rather snipe and criticise those who have made a stand against UK Coal – at Huntington Lane Protest Camp, than support them, preferring the “Liason” committee to making a stand against this company.
    The Norwegians had a name for those who capitulated to the occupier during the Secon World War.
    Eviction is imminent inthe next few weeks – those of you out there that feel the same way as those at the protestcamp -and not “Liason Commitees” with Uk Coal, RALLY NOW AND HELP THOSE OCCUPYING THE SITE.
    Silver Bird.

  3. silverbird
    21/08/2010 at 4:27 pm

    Today, the local paper, the Shropshiure Star published an article about UK Colas intentions for the site – and the protesters – leave peacefully or be removed by force by a National Eviction team.
    We reckon that Eviction papers willbe served early this week, allowing site work to begin first week of September.
    If you care about the Earth, Climate, and feel you can help defend and protect the site, your help has never been more needed than in the next 2 weeks – please alert everyone onyour contact lists to the UK Coal Eviction , and ask if anyone can come to support the camp and man the defences.
    This camp has survived for nearly 6 months – you can help make it last longer, and hurt UK Coal the only way it knows – loss of profits.
    Every extra person delays the Eviction – YOU all count, please come and join those whohave put a lot of effort into this camp.

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