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A few dates for the Diary

  • 4th – 9th August. Derbyshire. Earth First! Summer Gathering: Ecological Direct Action without Compromise. 5 days of workshops, skill sharing and planning action, plus low-impact living without leaders. Meet people, learn skills, take action.


  • 13th to 17th August 2010 Climate Camp Cymru . A basic ‘lite’ action-focused camp in South Wales; with its attention fixed firmly on coal. Workshops will be mostly limited to action-based training and information


  • 19-24th August- Camp For Climate Action 2010. Edinburgh. – Occupy and set up the basecamp: 19th–20th August. Four days of training & direct action: 21st–24th August. Day of action against RBS: 23rd August. Return basecamp to nature: 25th August. Target: RBS. Last year RBS were bailed out with £50 billion of public money. This bank is one of the world’s largest investor in oil, gas and coal. From tar sands extraction in Canada to coal infrastructure here in the UK, we’re paying to trash our future. Ecological destruction is built into the mechanics of the financial system, with communities disenfranchised from their own futures. This is why, in August, people from across the UK will be converging to take back the power and Break the Bank!


In between all these climate camps and gatherings why not pay a visit to the Huntington Lane Open Cast protest camp based in Telford Shropshire. We’ve been stopping work from starting for five months now.

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