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Video journalist spends night at camp

Shropshire star video journalist James Shaw spent a night at the Huntington Lane camp

Full report here

UK Coal responded to the article

“”The protest is not causing an issue at the moment. In terms of the argument they put, that is undermined by the fact that if we do not recover the coal from the Huntington Lane site, an equivalent amount of coal will be imported to the UK from Russia, South Africa or Indonesia, which will travel 4,000 to 5,000 miles, instead of 40 or 50 miles to generate to power we all reply on.”

The camps full rebuttal to this statement can be found here

The Huntington Lane “coal also needs to be blended with the imported stuff before it can be used. This basically translates to this being ‘extra’ coal, therefore not affecting the quantity of imported coal in any way whatsoever.”

The camp also point out that by traveling 50 miles UK Coal are in “breach of the Sustainable Communities Act – stating a maximum distance of 30 miles from source to destination.”

On top of this we would like to add that with Open Cast mining not only is the existing vegetation completely removed but it results in the destruction of wildlife and habitat, the genetic soil profile and the topographical landscape. It also leads to noise pollution and poor air quality. There have been several studies into the effects that Open Cast coal mining has on the Health of those communities living near the site an open cast  mine.

We hope to post a more detailed report on the effects of Open Cast mining and coal soon.

Coal is also the most carbon intensive fossil fuel and the UK’s largest source of CO2 emissions comes from Drax’s coal-fired power station. We believe it is important to start moving towards using more sustainable and less carbon intensive power sources and also a more sustainable way of life.

It is also important to remember that the whole community were against the coal mine, even the local council, the only reason permission was given was when central government interfered on UK Coal’s behalf.

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