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What to bring for the weekend

As well as bringing any items off the wish list we also recomend bringing some warm clothes as it will be cold, water proofs as it could be wet, wellies/boots as it could be muddy.

Please bring along some water with you, we have incoming large water containers to allow topping up of precious reserves, and loads of people drink loads of water!

If you do not have a tent then we ask that you bring some canvas/tarpaulin and some rope if you can as the more we have the more communal space can be created and the more comfortable, warm and dry we will all be. Please also bring some food if you are able, all contributions are appreciated.

Food is always welcomed!
Tarps & Ropes
Straw/Sawdust/Woodchips to soak up the mud a little
Walkie Talkies
Shelving (old & broken is fine, we have nails)
Metal Storage containers (old biscuit tins are great, but we have this hopefully not too far-fetched vision of a filing cabinet full of fruit & veg

Cargo nets
High quality nails as many of what we have are not quite up to task!
Tent poles (we have a 3/4 man dome tent with no poles that could be made use of)

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