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Fossil Fools Weekend

Fossil Fools Weekend gathering

Wishlist update from the camp blog

  • The ‘food and tea situation’ is now under control (for the time being!) thanks for all the contributions x
  • A wheelbarrow would make life much, much easier!
  • Tarps and rope are always in demand, thanks to everyone who has helped out on this front but in this case more is definitely better!
  • Gardening tools would be really useful what with the spring being in the air.  Some large-ish pots/garden containers would be nice if anybody has any going begging?
  • Rocket stove ‘ingredients’ – stove pipe, elbow, oil drum etc would be a really big help, for the purpose of feeding larger numbers of people with a much more efficient use of firewood!
  • Materials for compost toilets. Anything we can use would be great with more people arriving. So far we only have a toilet seat or two –  so really anything would help in this department.
  • We’re trying to rig up some form of power  generation on site. If you think you can help with this is any way, whether you can offer skills, advice or materials/equipment, all would be gratefully received.
  • Anything else you think might be useful.
  • You lovely people! Thanks again for all your support so far, please come and visit if you can. Free camping in an AONB – bring your friends!

As always please email defendhuntingtonlane(at)hushmail.com if you want to offer your support, or call the site phone on 07989 243057. Alternatively of course you could just drop by and share a cuppa

A PDF version of the map with directions and public transport links is now available to download


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